Friday, 17 August 2012


How often do safety committees meet
Some once a month and some more often
When committee meeting should be held
It’s most effective if the safety committee conducts a meeting immediately after the inspection
What happens in an effective safety committee meeting
Discuss findings
Ensure identified hazards are reported to responsible supervisors or managers
Analyze findings and discuss their possible rootcause
Make recommendations to improve safety programs
Purpose of safety committee meeting
To bring management and labor together
Preparing for the meeting
Chairperson preparation
Recorder must be trained
Prepare the agenda and keep it brief
Prepare the meeting room
Thank every one for coming
Call the meeting to order
Note attendence
Introduce visitors
Review ground rules
Review meeting minutes
Review agenda topics
Discuss unfinished business
Review observations of conditions and behaviors
Evaluate incident and accident report
Receive safety committee status reports
Conduct safety committee training / education
Conduct a safety inspection
Handle problem situations
Meeting process and outcomes
Meeting process
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